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Crums Announcement

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1 Crums Announcement on Sat May 05, 2012 4:19 pm


Hello there!
I am crum, and I made Secret Forest.
Now just to clear things up, here is a list of things I will NOT DO FOR YOU.
I get so many messages sometimes on other websites asking these questions it just gets annoying.
I will NEVER make customs
I will not make you free art
I will not give you free things (coins, pets)
I will not make you a staff member
I will not tell you secrets
I will not join your website
I will not tell you a story.

I will help you code your website for a small price (PM me about it)
I will make you art for a price (again, PM me)
I will help you with any questions
I MIGHT take suggestions for future pets, but it isn't certain.

Whats your name? Im not going to tell you
OMG YOUR ART HOW DO YOU DO- I click the button and make lines.. how am I supposed to answer that?!
Why cant i make a pet/get a pet/get coins/be a staff member/abofboiewbobwwg? Because you asked me thats why, its against the rules. And because I dont need your help.
ZOMG YOU HAVE SO MUCH STUFF LIKE COINS AND LIKE PETS! HOW? I might have 2147483567 coins and every pet +customs, but thats because I am awesome and own this dang website.
And you cant have any either.
YOUR SO MEAN!! D: Im not mean at all! People just annoy me with these stupid questions (seriously, im freakin HILARIOUS!!!! lol! idk just kidding)
How Old are you? Old enough
Where do you live? In the secret forest.


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