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How To Become a Staff Member or Artist

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1 How To Become a Staff Member or Artist on Sat May 05, 2012 4:08 pm




For your first attempt, you will be warned
For your second, I will take all your coins away
For your third, all your pets
And for your final attempt, you will be banned forever.

Want to be a staff member or an artist on SF??

Well the simple answer is you cant.

This is the more complicated answer.
As SF becomes more populated, there may be a need for staff. I usually have people that I know help run the site, but sometimes I will open applications for you to be a forum mod or for someone to help out.
You can not choose to be an artist. I will never open applications for it. I will only choose people who I know have excellent art skills. And also, you must already be a mod to become and artist. I know there are lots of people out there who are really good, but I don't need more artist here.
I am not going to ever hire administrators, either. Its too risky. Maybe if I know you well enough and trust you, but Im not going to get some random scary dude who says he will help but instead steals three zillion dollars from me. No.

Have a nice day! geek

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